New Jersey Soybean Board

New Jersey Soybean Board

Our Mission
The New Jersey Soybean Board was established on July 1, 1991. This program was created to raise and allocate funds to promote through research, education and promotion, profitable soybean production in New Jersey. The Board is a qualified state soybean board and is authorized by the United Soybean Board to collect and utilize soybean checkoff funds.

14 farmers from New Jersey direct state checkoff funding. Click here to read the 2017 Annual Report. To find out how to serve as a New Jersey Soybean Board farmer-leader, contact Debbie Hart.

Soybean Handbook

View the latest version of the New Jersey Soybean Handbook. You can also download a full PDF version from within the viewer.

2015 Version

Soy Products Guide

Soy offers manufacturers a greener, cleaner and safer way to make everything from candles and couches to fuels and paints. This interactive guide will give you a closer look at the soy-based products available today.

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