Soy New Uses

Soy New Uses

From soy-based carpet backing to walls and ceilings filled with soy-based insulation, new uses for soy materialize all around us. The soy checkoff helps fund the development of new soy-based products to help increase the demand for U.S. soy.

Soybeans are composed of both protein and oil, opening the door for a variety of uses. Soybean processors can divide soy’s components into soy protein (soybean meal) and soybean oil. Soybean meal, which makes up 80 percent of the soybean, primarily serves as animal feed while the U.S. food industry consumes more than two-thirds of U.S. soybean oil for purposes such as cooking, baking and frying. The remaining soybean meal and oil is applied in industrial applications such as adhesives, coatings and printing inks, lubricants, plastics and specialty products, as well as biodiesel, a renewable alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel. When it comes to the U.S. soybean supply, there’s room at the table for both human consumption and industrial uses of soybean.

The United Soybean Board produces an annual Soy Products Guide, which lists hundreds of commercial and industrial products made with soy, as well as buying information.

Why soy?
Soybeans provide a sustainable source of protein and oil worldwide. Soy’s properties allow its use in a variety of applications from animal feed and human consumption to fuel and other industrial uses. Because soy grows throughout the world, it represents a viable and renewable replacement for petrochemicals.

Even while total farmland acreage continues to decline, U.S. soybean production has increased nearly 65 percent since 1980. And, in the same time period, soybean farmers used more sustainable farming practices by reducing energy use and carbon emissions to ensure that soybeans are a viable crop for the next generation of farmers.

Soybean Handbook

View the latest version of the New Jersey Soybean Handbook. You can also download a full PDF version from within the viewer.

2015 Version

Soy Products Guide

Soy offers manufacturers a greener, cleaner and safer way to make everything from candles and couches to fuels and paints. This interactive guide will give you a closer look at the soy-based products available today.

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