Animal Ag

Animal Ag

Why is animal agriculture important to soybean farmers?
Animal agriculture is the No. 1 customer for U.S. soy, consuming 97 percent of the meal from U.S. soybeans. This soybean meal provides an excellent source of protein and amino acids to feed chickens, turkeys, hogs, cattle, farm-raised fish and other animals across the United States.

Soybean quality matters, even after it leaves your farm after harvest. Learn more about the importance of soybean quality for livestock producers and soybean farmers alike.

Impact of animal agriculture in New Jersey
In 2017, New Jersey animal agriculture used an estimated 33.7 thousand tons of soybean meal, which is the meal from more than 456,000 bushels of soybeans. Broilers used 35 percent of that total, while egg producers accounted for 19 percent.

Animal agriculture in New Jersey represents $145.4million in economic output, $31 million in earnings and 850 jobs. It yielded an estimated $7.7 million in income taxes and $55.3 million in property taxes.

Learn more about the impact of animal agriculture in New Jersey.

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